UK Admission

Welcome to the UK Admission official website. We can help you with application to the following courses and programmes offered at UK.

Courses provided:

General English: Our partners are committed to General English teaching programmes that help learners use English in effective and practical way.

General English classes are available at all levels from beginners to advance.

Business English: Business English courses are designed to enable students to use English confidently in both professional and social situation. It will give you as well an insight into speaking, listening, reading and writing skills needed in a professional environment.

IELTS preparation courses: In order to take a course at a UK university, you have to demonstrate that you have met the English language requirement.

Most universities will expect you to have passed an IELTS, the test score you require will vary from university to another.

Our IELTS preparation course is designed to prepare you for the IELTS academic test and to achieve the required score.